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Sponsorships of the Month

There are several sponsors this month so make sure to cycle through to read what they all got to say!

Talking Magic Chef Microwave

You deserve this awesome talking microwave. No more guessing about the time that was entered for cooking. No more guessing what power level is selected. gain a new independence & Take control of your kitchen with the Magic Chef Talking Microwave!
Used by Dale Campbell on the Cooking In The Dark Show!

* 1000 Watts maximum cooking power.
* 1.0 Cubic foot oven space.
* Clear male voice with adjustable volume level in 8 steps.
* Adjustable cook time from 1 second up to 99 minutes.
* Adjustable power level, 4 power level settings: Hi, Medium, Low and Defrost.
* Built in kitchen timer, adjustable from 1 second up to 24 hours 59 minutes.
*AM/PM clock.
* Removable glass turntable.
*Microwave does not have a digital display.
Color: White.
Dimensions: 20” W x 12” H x 15 3/8” D.

** Use one of these easy ways to purchase your new Magic Chef Talking Microwave:
1. Convenient 69 dollars and 99 cents down & four payments of 75 dollars purchase plan! Or,
2. Buy it with a single payment and the Mice will instantly apply a40 dollar Visa Gift Card to your purchase. making your Mice Price for the Magic Chef Talking Microwave only 329 dollars and 99 cents!

For either more information about the 69 dollars and 99 cents down & four payments of 75 dollars purchase plan, or to Order a Magic Chef Talking Microwave :
Call Blind Mice at 713 893-7277 (M-F 9 am - 4 pm CST).

Shipping charges for U.S. Mainland customers are usually around 45 dollars.
Shipping charges for Canadian customers are about 100 dollars.
Hawaii & Alaska residents please contact us for a shipping quote.

Out of Sight Radio

Come and join the Out-Of-Sight DJ's for a music marathon on Wednesday October 31, 2018 from 12 AM on Wednesday to 11:59 PM Wednesday night. This is the first annual Birthday of The OOS Radio. We want you all to join us for 24 hours of action packed music.

There will be prizes to celebrate this special day. How can you win you say? Well simply listen to the radio station at www.Out-Of-Sight.net/Radio
And, call (860) 881-2221 at the appropriate times in order to win. There will be something for everyone.
Hope to see you there.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Anyone 18 years and older is eligible to participate.
2. Only one prize per person
3. The radio staff is not eligible for said prizes

On The Go!

On The Go is dedicated to providing quality, affordable, handmade, custom and manufactured guide and service dog products. These products will assist you in being the best service dog handler you can be!

Hi, I am Julie, the founder and owner of On The Go and I have been a guide dog user for many years. I located many products that made working my dog a lot easier and What I could not find, I created! I started On the Go so I could share these great products with everyone!

I focus on comfort, function and color, while keeping the price very affordable. All the nylon webbing products are created and produced by me and used with my own guide dogs.
Manufactured products are tested before being offered. Only the best past my inspection and make it into On The Go.

Shipping to Canada also available!

Custom orders are welcome!
I do custom orders on the nylon webbing product line. If you find something close to what you want and need to make modifications, I am willing to do that for any of the webbing equipment that I personally sew. There is no extra charge for custom orders, but they do take extra time.

We have a variety of products including such items as bags & pouches, bandanas, bells, beds, and collars. Some gift suggestions include grooming items, jewelry, leashes, key rings, and picture frames.

Please, come in and browse the unique selection of products offered at On The Go!
(Please copy & Paste Link In Browser If It Does Not Open)

Free Gift for October Orders.
All Orders over 25 dollars placed in October 2018 (Merchandise Only) get a Free Gift!


Hello and welcome to the month of October!
I encourage you to look through our sponsorships for this month that are located just above this section as well as to checkout the classified page for more great products and services! All the authors do appreciate readership feedback and suggestions so keep them coming, you can get their emails at the beginning of their articles or you can go to "Contact Us" page and find it there.

A Sneak Peek for the October Issue: Sponsors, Cooking in the Dark, Guyana, Kettlebells, Novel, Memoir, & Suggestion, Author's Interview, Freshener & Deodorizer, Sunu Band, Digital Player, Dirt, Starting Point, I Don't Know, Cauliflower, Zucchini and Squash, Riddle and Brain Buster, FYI, & Classifieds!

Remember the newsletter is available in the following ways; via Newsline, through email, and on this website in text or audio format. In addition, you can always browse the website for past individual articles, or complete issues.

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