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Canadian Assistive Technology, New Company Old Friends.

Canadian Assistive Technology is Canada's newest assistive technology company, featuring products from Ablenet, Accessibyte, Dancing Dots, Dolphin, Duxbury, Enhanced Vision Systems, Eschenbach, Hartgen, HIMS, Humanware, IRTI, KNFB, LVI, OrCam and VFO as well as computers and computer peripherals.

Although the company is new, the principal staff is not. Steve Barclay and Ryan Fleury have a combined 48 man-years of experience in assistive technology. We back everything we sell with a lifetime toll-free support line to help you when help is needed. Steve and Ryan are only a phone call or email away. Contact us at 1-844-795-8324 or email us at. Steve@canasstech.com.
Visit our website at. www.Canasstech.com.
New products are being added to the website daily as we continue to build our online presence.

We also partner with Rick Chant at Chaos Technical Services to provide in-Canada service for much of the hardware we sell. Join us as we work to build the most responsive and progressive assistive technology company in the country! Mention this ad and get 5% off your next assistive technology purchase.

Also check out our Gently Used Equipment marketplace online. This is a place where people can list their used equipment and find great deals on used and demo equipment. If you have something you'd like to sell, please contact us to have it added to the site.


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