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The Alternating Duo: Hereís To Your Health

The author of this article is Catherine Hall

My name is Catherine and I am so excited to be a new writer for The Blind Perspective. I am legally blind due to Leberís Congenital Amaurosis. For me, that means that I have a five degree field of vision, no depth perception, and I am night blind. The little bit of sight I do have is quite useable, at 20/70, corrected ó there just isnít a lot of it!

I am a Dietetic Technician, Registered with my bachelorís degree in Human Nutrition, as well as an avid cook and baker. I also love many types of movement, including yoga, weight training, and martial arts. I practice Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that is a combination of a dance, a fight, and a game and have been practicing for four years. On a more relaxing note, I enjoy taking long walks with my Guiding Eyes dog, Caleb. I look forward to sharing my insights and experiences with you!

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