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The Beauty Parlor

For your reading convenients below you will find all the Beauty Parlor published in 2019

February 2019

Happy New Year!

Skincare tip:
During the winter months, our skin can become dryer than usual. It is alright to use more lotion. When applying eye cream, use your ring fingers. These fingers provide less strength and are safer for your eyes.

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March 2019

If you have noticed lines and/ or wrinkles, donít worry. There is a skin care regimen for all skin types and even those from many ranges. This is a normal part of life, but we can do something about it. moisturizers by such companies as Mary Kay have a sunscreen built in, and that is very convenient and handy. This helps to protect your skin all year around; when the sun is harsh in the warm/ hot months, and when the air is cold and dry in the winter months.

So before leaving the house, be sure to moisturize with a sunscreen added in!
Thanks so much!

April 2019

Now that itís starting to warm up in the northern hemisphere, and probably still warm in the southern hemisphere, make sure that you have your sunscreen on. Be sure to check the expiration dates. Thatís right, your sunscreen does expire! You can always find a good moisturizer that has a built-in sunscreen. When you know youíre going to be outside longer, apply some additional sunscreen.

If that particular sunscreen you used didnít help and you wind up with a pesky sunburn, there is always cooling aloe gels to help with that. Once your burn is gone, then I would suggest that you return to using your moisturizer as normal.

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May 2019

Here is a quick little make up tip. Cream eyeshadows are easier to apply than powder ones. By using your fingers, you will know exactly where to put the eye shadow. This is a fun and very useful tip for all of us blind/visually impaired, who still want to wear a little make up but want to make sure we know where itís going.
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June 2019

Here is a quick and useful skincare tip for applying face cream:
Make sure your hands and face are clean before applying face cream. Splash your face with cool water, and pat dry.
If using eye cream, apply it first, by dabbing a small amount underneath the eyes. Using your ring fingers gently massage it in, moving out towards your ears.
For the face, gently dab small dots of face cream around your face. Be sure to focus more on the dry areas, as oppose to the oilier ones.
Blend the cream in using your fingers, using small upward circular motions. Always massage up and out, towards your hairline and ears. This will help with the dreaded negative effects of gravity. This can also help remove fluid.
Don't forget to apply cream to your neck as well, as the neck skin is very delicate, and tends to age first.

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July 2019

There are some of us that like the idea of waring mascara, but are afraid of looking like a racoon. I have really no great tips, just the way that I apply mine.

Letís get started! With your eye open and looking up, bring the mascara brush to the base of your upper eyelashes from the inside out. In other words, use your nose as a platform to steady your hand. Take the brush, holding it horizontally and as close to your eyelid as you feel comfortable with, and wiggle it a bit as you pull it out towards the tips of your eyelashes. Wiggling will lift and give curl to the lashes. Try not to lose total contact with your lashes.

This does take practice. A great idea is to have a damp cloth and under eye corrector nearby to clean up any mishaps. You can either take a picture to quickly send to a friend or use another source of sighted help to get feedback on your application. I always feel my lashes once they have had a chance to dry, to see if I am happy with the way they turned out.

A lash primer can also make it easier to apply mascara. Primer is like a hair spray for your lashes, it hardens the lashes some.
Hope this was helpful!

In a future article I will share a suggestion sent in from a reader. If you have your own suggestion or want a tip about something, send it to my email address located above.

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