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Dirty work

For your reading convenients below you will find all the Dirty Work published in 2019

January 2019

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Hello all, I am excited to be part of this publication for the blind and visually impaired. My hope is to provide you with some tips, suggestions, and techniques for cleaning different rooms and things throughout your home.
You may think it is strange that I begin with cleaning mirrors. Yes, I used to forget to clean them, since I donít use them. However, I have gotten in the routine of cleaning them as I tend to have many friends and family members visiting. Never mind my sister always telling me that my mirrors needed cleaning.
You will notice throughout my articles that I like to use non-commercial cleaners as often as I can. Most of the ingredients I use, you will be able to find right in your pantry, and they are less expensive too! So, the solution I use for cleaning mirrors, as well as glass is 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts of water. For example, Ĺ cup of vinegar to 2 cups water. Pour the solution into a clean spray bottle. You can find spray bottles of different sizes at most dollar stores. You will also need a couple microfiber cloths. These are great as they donít leave lint behind, nor do they scratch.

Note: if your mirror has any grime that has built up on it, you will need cotton pads and rubbing alcohol. To detect if you have any grime, lightly run your fingers over the mirror to feel it. To remove the grime, moisten a cotton pad with the rubbing alcohol and wipe off the grime. You will want to do this quickly, as rubbing alcohol evaporates rapidly.

Ok, now that the grime is gone, letís clean the mirror. Spray your microfiber cloth generously with the cleaner. When cleaning, always start from the top, working your way to the bottom. The best way to wipe the mirror is at the top moving in a left to right motion, moving down and repeating this sequence down to the bottom.

When you have completed cleaning the mirror, you then can buff it. I like to lightly wipe down the mirror, again from top to bottom, with a used dryer sheet, itís a great buffer.

Donít get rid of those used dryer sheets. I will be giving you lots of uses for those next month. If you have any cleaning questions, just write to me at the address provided above. Remember its dirty work, but clean fun!

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