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Spencer's Spotlight

For your reading convenients below you will find all the Spencer's Spotlight published in 2019

January 2019

Here's hoping that each and every one of you have the best possible year ever! Personally, 2018 was an extremely challenging year for me so I am not sad to have it behind me.

For this month's spotlight item, I would like to tell you about a pretty incredible speaker I have recently acquired. It is made by Bose and it is the SoundLink Micro. It is the smallest bluetooth speaker to date they make.

It has a four-inch rounded square appearance and fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. It is rugged, meaning it can take some abuse without causing it any harm. It has a silicone base and four protrusions on the bottom of each corner for feet. The dimensions are approximately 4by 4 square, by about not quite 2 inches high.

This is a take anywhere speaker. Did I tell you it is waterproof! Yes, you can get it wet, it can go in the shower with you, to the pool, and even to the beach. It is also equipped with a silicone strap that can be attached to a showerhead, tote bag, belt, or a beach chair. It doesn't look very stable but indeed once attached it has a very firm and secure grip.

If your mouth is not watering by now, let's talk about the features this little baby has. Of course there is bluetooth, but it can connect up to eight devices! Yes, eight. When you turn on the speaker, you will hear a double tone to let you know it is on. Then when you push the silicone covered button to the right of the micro USB charging port, it will announce the battery percentage. YES, it talks!

After the battery percentage, it will proceed to announce which device is currently connected. Although it can connect to eight devices, it will only tell you the first two. If it is not the device you are interested in working with, you can press the pairing button, yes, it is also silicone covered, and each press will cycle through all the connected devices until you reach the one you want. A long press of the pairing button will put it in pairing mode so you can connect another device. It is sooooo cooool, one speaker and 8 devices.

Okay, now let's take a look at the top. On the top left there is volume up, then the pause/ play in the center, and on the right is volume down. The volume buttons double as previous track and next track when pressed twice in quick succession. Another feature is that it has a microphone built-in and you can actually answer the phone pressing the play/pause button and use it as a speaker phone.

Okay now, I know you are wanting to know the most important thing, how much is this small but feature loaded speaker. I was surprised to find it on Amazon for 99 dollars and I have seen it as low as 69 dollars.

I have not been this impressed with a speaker since I introduced the little sound core Nano. So, if you are in the market for such a versatile speaker such as the Bose SoundLink Micro, I give this one a thumbs up. It is really affordable by Bose standards.

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