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Talking Watch

Introducing the First Ever Waterproof Talking Watch Its 100% waterproof to 100 feet!

Are you tired of investing in multiple talking watches each year because they always seem to die after being bumped or soaked no matter how careful you try to be? Or have you given up on wearing a watch altogether, even though you miss the convenience of hearing the time at the touch of a button anywhere you go? Introducing the first truly shockproof and waterproof talking watch weve ever seen.

You can wear this wristwatch 24/7 because water will not damage the electronics. Leave it on as you wash your hands, take a shower or go swimming. And never worry about removing the watch again or trying to remember where you might have left it this time. The simplicity and durability of this watch make it the ideal choice for blind and visually impaired people of all ages. Whether you exercise and sweat a lot or get caught in a giant rainstorm, this timepiece wont give in to the realities of daily life.

Our Waterproof Talking Watch is fully accessible to a blind person. Press the button on top to hear the time. Set and configure all functions by listening for spoken prompts or clearly-differentiated beeps. If you have some vision, activate the built-in backlight by pressing a single button (with or without the time-speaking feature).

Though both men and women can wear this watch due to its coloring and design, some ladies may find it too bulky for their liking. Packed into a reusable tin box with a large-print quick start guide, the watch makes an attractive, practical gift for anyone including yourself. (The instructions are also available on our website.)

Our first-of-its-kind Waterproof Talking Watch costs 19 dollars and 95 cents with free shipping. To order yours from Blind in Mind, LLC, visit
or call 1-800-213-4567.

Out-Of-Sight Radio

It's that time again and Out-Of-Sight Radio is on the move. Here on OOS Radio we want to encourage everyone to join us for our Valentine's Day event.
So, come on all you lovers and the romantic at heart. Come listen for a day of romance.
Do you want some sweeties for your sweetheart or, a chance to win a romantic dinner for two?
Then come join us on Thursday, February 14 starting at 9:00 AM to 11:59 PM, for a chance to win goodies for you and your love.
We will be giving out daisy candy lollipop bouquets and chocolate roses bouquets, candy bars and a couple of gift certificates towards your romantic dinner for you and your special someone.
So, be there and come listen to the best station on the net. Give us a call at 860 881-2221.
Prizes will be given out at random times.
1. Only one prize per person.
2. No DJs, radio staff or board members are eligible.
3. Person's under 18 are not eligible.

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