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Instructions For Placing Your Classified Add

Place an ad with The Blind Perspective. Do you have something you would like to sell, or something you are looking to buy? Advertise your services or products and/or website with us. For just $5 in US Funds, your add will be displayed on the website for 30 days. Also it will appear in the Classified section at the end of the newsleter.

Instruction For Processing Your Payment

To get started, click on the Paypal button below. Once on that page, follow the instructions to process your $5 payment. When you have completed the Paypal process, click on the return to button. This page will ask for your classified information. If you have any questions or need assistance completing your classified advertisement email us at

Newsletter Sponsorship

For $15 in US funds you can sponsor the newsletter. What you receive in return for sponsoring the newsletter is:
*Your company and/or organization gets mentioned in the newsletter. *You also receive a spot on our home page for 30 days. *Your also mentioned on our classified page for 30 days.

Your permitted approximately 300 words for the main ad that will appear both in the newsletter and on the home page of the web site. All your needing to do is click on the Paypal button below and make your purchase of $15 for the Sponsoring of the newsletter for 1 month. Then you will be taken back to our site where you are asked to fill out your advertisement. It is as simple as that. If you are needing any assistant or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at Click here to contact us.

Immediately below begin the listings!

To cycle through the listings, all you need to do is press on the letter H and you will jump to each heading. Good luck on your search and make sure to let everyone know of this new resource for selling & buying.

The time is right to join Out-Of-Sight!.

We are a group of blind fun-loving, congenial, and interesting people from all over the world, who use our screen-readers and microphones to play games, chat, learn, and socialize on our own internet TeamTalk server.

We have a full schedule of activities every day and evening and you can drop in whenever you wish. We display our musical talents and play music in our music rooms. You can get help with your computer, your iPhone, your cooking, and your chess game, or you can just simply have fun! We also have a book-discussion group and Bible groups, and we are always looking for new DJís for our Out-Of-Sight Internet Radio Station. There is no end to the stimulation, excitement, and camaraderie you will experience.

To join us and receive your materials, simply send your real name, a preferred nickname if any, your email address, and your phone number to:

We sum it up by saying: "Catch the vision--itís Out of Sight!"

Ultimate Tech Mods

Memory card upgrades for all 2nd Generation Stream Devices.
32 GB Card 40 dollars, 64 GB Card 50 dollars.
Upgrading your 2nd Generation Stream is easy!
Free Shipping*
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Beautiful Jewelry for Mom on Mother's Day!

Amore Jewelry features earrings, Bracelets, necklaces, chains, pendants, anklets, & Charms.
all created from Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, and/or Rose Gold!
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DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone & Device Stand

Get Yours For 39 dollars and 99 cents.
The DannyBoy Portable Stand holds your Smart Phone stationary so it's camera can view items and documents clearly providing great recognition.
Take perfect pictures and images.
Read documents quickly and easily.
The DannyBoy is Lightweight and Portable!
Also wonderful for anyone with motor disabilities!
Read All About the DannyBoy Portable Stand online at
Call the Mice: (713) 893-7277 M-F; 9 am - 4 pm

Body Scentz Perfumes, Bath and Body Products for Mom on Mother's Day!

Visit Body Scentz and get Mom her Favorite Fragrances.
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Blind Mice Mart is your one stop shop for your next folding cane

Proudly offering Ambutech UltraLite Graphite White 5 section Folding Canes.
Strong and light weight. - Greater flexural strength than aluminum canes-Graphite Canes will bend and flex past the point where an aluminum cane will break.
Golf Grip Handles- 3 Colors; Black, Blue or Pink
16 Tips Available
Choose your Grip Color, Tip, and cane Length.
The Mice will assemble your cane and ship Priority Mail!
Call the Mice at 713 893 7277 for your next Cane.
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